Barco Releases the First True Black Outdoor LED Screen



Barco’s always busy!

They’re released theT-16BK series outdoor true-black LED screen – a contrast level of 7000:1, quickly serviceable, at 6000 nits brightness.  They’ve also released the B-16, which is the mobile display version.

From the press release:

Kuurne, Belgium, 26 February 2009. Barco, a global leader in LED display solutions, is proud to present its new range of first true black outdoor LED displays, the T-16BK series. With this introduction Barco expands its existing range of black indoor LED with a range of black outdoor LED, available for the live events and fixed installations market.

Building upon its field-proven true black indoor LED range, Barco introduces the T-16BK series, the blackest 16mm outdoor displays on the market. They deliver high-resolution full color images with extreme brightness levels.

The key feature that makes the T-16BK really unique is a specially designed black lamp LED using new black epoxy and die technologies. This black lamp LED offers vastly improved contrast levels (7,000:1), unseen for any 16mm LED display on the market today. Thanks to a low weight cabinet with integrated ladder, clickable shaders, front and back access, the T-16BK series are easy and quick to service, hereby maximizing the return on investment for owners.

“After the success of our black indoor LED displays, we are pleased to present our customers with a full black outdoor LED display range,” says Carl Rijsbrack, VP product management. “Black LED displays offer deeper and richer image colors, improving the overall quality of the screen in all ambient environments. With a brightness of 6000 nits the T-16 BK can perform even in bright sunlight: so being black does not mean not being bright”.

Barco’s newest mobile LED display, the B-16, is created with these new T-16BK tiles, making it the first black mobile LED display on the market. The B-16 provides a 14 m² screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and is ready to cast all possible live HD content. The LED display comes in a fully equipped trailer with hydraulic mast and free rotation, which makes it possible for customers to show their message at any time and place, with a minimal set-up time.

Barco demonstrated the new black outdoor LED display range to the European and Asian customers for the first time during Barco’s 10th annual Rental Partner Meeting that took place 17 until 20 February in the Belgian headquarters. Over 200 customers attended the launch. US customers will get a chance to learn about Barco’s new products at the North American Rental Partner Meeting in Copper Mountains from 9 until 12 March.


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