Luminus Now Makes White LEDs



At the beginning of this month it was announced that Luminus, the LED company, is getting together with a Japanese company called Nichia to make parts for a new line of high-powered LED sources. Nichia’s phosphorescent technology is apparently pretty great for making white light, so Luminus is going to make flat styled chips for the partnership.  Luminus is no slouch in technology, fo sho – their manufacturing technology was developed at MIT – and the PhlatLight technology has been doing well in the news.

You might know Luminus as a company that makes  colored chips for PTVs and projectors and such – now they have a large series of white LED chips that are boasting some pretty excellent performance. A few of their products are claiming a 70% lumen maintenance after 60,000 hours with a single chip providing 2,250 lumens.  Not bad, eh?


Thanks, Ecogeek and CNet!

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