Opto Tech’s LED Street Lamp



I’ve seen a lot of research and teasers about LED street lamp technology lately – the Lunar Resonant Street Lamp was one, New York City is also implementing an experimental program for LED street lamps.  Lots of them.  I guess it’s not fair to say just street lamps, because park lighting and other types of large-area devices are getting the LED treatment, at least in theory.

One I ran across lately was from a company called Opto Tech from Taiwan – they’re producing a fixture they call the Smart LED Street Light.  The company refers to its invention as the “breathing street light” due to its interesting cooling technology – once heat is generated by the optical module, the heat is dissipated to a heat sink via a copper heat pipe quickly and efficiently.

Opto Tech has plans to produce a 55W and 105W versions of the street lights – they’re designed to use either solar power or AC power.  The photometric curve is a perfect butterfly, engineered with safe driving in mind – the color temperature at 105W is 5200K with a CRI of 70, and about 82 lumens per watt.

It kinda looks like the head of a snake, doesn’t it?




Thanks, LEDs Mag!

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