ENESS’ LightScraper


I just read two articles pointing me to the website of ENESS – it’s an Australian design firm specializing in interactive art installations.  For this year’s Rainbow Serpent Festival, ENESS created the LightScraper – a pyramidal, video, sound, and light masterpiece that gives the beholder a unique perspective on the art.

From the video on YouTube:

The LightScraper is a towering vortex of visuals and sound feeding off its surroundings. Featuring real-time 3D graphics and a human motion tracking system, the LightScraper explores new forms of engagement with technology and ultimately each other, the closer we go the higher the glow, enjoy.

ENESS’ site also has some description:

The LightScraper is a custom built aluminium structure, fabricated with a layer or semi translucent mesh. The structure can be easily erected in various  compositions in an outdoor or indoor setting.  A single computer and two projectors are use to bring the sculptures visuals to life. The LightScraper also acts as a giant musical instrument, people’s location influence the melodies emitting from the sculpture.  Visitor’s position is tracked via an infrared camera mounted at the peak of the structure, and transposed into musical notes, the result is ever-changing melodies and visual delight. Like most of our work this one has to be experienced firsthand, perhaps we can build one in your home town.




Thanks, NotCot and PSFK!

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