Espacio de Creación Artística Contemporánea’s CFL Video Wall


The folks over at Enlighter posted an excellent article about the Espacio de Creación Artística Contemporánea in Cordoba, Spain.  The article centers on the media facade for this building, which was commissioned by Realities:United from Berlin – the building itself was designed by Nieto Sobejano Architects in Madrid.

The media facade is made up of compact fluorescent sources that illuminate little caverns of various sizes and shapes in the facade, none of which seem to be similar.  From the article:

The departure point for the formal development of the façade was found in the significant inner structure of the building made up of a tessellated (self repeating) pattern of polygonal shaped rooms. This motive was translated in the topography of the outer surface of the building. Here the GRC (glass fibre reinforced cement) surface shows a system of irregular shaped indentations of varying density and size. Those “bowls” are individually lit and become “pixels” of a large display system.  Each bowl appears to be unique in shape and size. Also the distribution of the bowls appears to be irregular. Only the distribution density stays consistent. In addition the panels carrying the bowls come in three different types differing in the average size and number of the bowls molded into their surface.

According to the article, the video frame rate is about 20 fps.  I found a video of the project, check it out below:



Thanks, Mitja from Enlighter!

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