Morteza Faghihi’s Magic Spheres


Light and sound – two things that should go together, right?  There are lots of audio devices that perform small-scale “light shows” along with music, some of them interesting, some of them pretty neat, and some of them just crap.  I think this next one falls into the pretty neat category, as it’s a mountable speaker system that emits patterns of light along with the music.

Meet the Magic Spheres:


Morteza Faghihi’s Magic Spheres are speaker and subwoofer sets; in addition to working with your home entertainment center or computer’s audio, you get a light show.  Now I just need a wall that’s big enough and central enough to display something like this!

One of the cooler functions of the Magic Spheres is the graphic representation of the EQ settings of the speakers:


Magic Spheres come with a ring-sized device that allows you to control volume, play and pause, and your computer or entertainment center.  Now I want to know the price!  Check out other works by Morteza Faghihi on his Coroflot page.


Thanks, Yanko!

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  1. Is this design for sale or is it just an artistic piece, and if it is for sale where can I look to purchase?

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