Mike Zinman’s GelCalc



I’ve written about all of Mike Zinman‘s iPhone software packages in the last few months – Mike’s the inventor of the AutoBlock CAD symbols and tools package from back in the early 21st century.  It was a required tool for many of us LDs, as many of Mike’s tools are.

Mike has updated his popular Gel Calc program with some new features – check them out:

Quickly calculate number of sheets of gel, best cutting direction to yield the most frames per/sheet and pricing.
– As you type in new frame sizes, it will be added to the picker.
You can reset the picker by shaking your device several times.

– Lookup over 100 popular frame, sheet and roll sizes
– Use inches or centimeters
– Determine total sheets required
– Determine total yield per sheet
– Determine best cutting direction for rectangular frames
– Determine pricing information, including sales tax

I got some images of the program from Mike – it’s a great edition to your toolbag – or in the case of the iPhone, your “nerd bag.”  I have one.  That thing is full of awesome programs.  I need to get “Bedazzled” in some form.  I was addicted to that game!




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