OXO’s Candela Series


My wife sent me a link to these really cool (both figuratively and literally) LED pieces from OXO (you know, the company that makes all the great kitchen stuff) – the Candela series.


There are a TON of models in this line – fun, playful, colorful models to sets that can look like tea lights.  OXO also makes a large carryable lantern and several medium-sized models.  From the images I’ve found in articles online, these things have a great glow, decent intensity, and last for around eight hours.  To charge?  You set it on the cradle.  That’s it.

Amazon has some good prices on these – at least they’ve got the best price around.  The 8-set (called the DemiGlow) is $130, the 4-set of DemiGlow is $70, the set of 2 is $40 – and there are several more.  The kids’ sets – called the Tooli – which comes in blue, green, red, and magenta – is $40 for a set of 2.

Now I’ve only to convince my wife we need to get a set of these for “research…”

OXO’s Candela series on Amazon



Thanks, NotCot and OXO!

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