Weekly WYSIWYG: The Background Rendering Manager


This week’s Weekly WYG is about a simple tool that is built with WYSIWYG, but one that has become so vital to me when doing renderings and pre-viz for shows – the Backgroup Rendering Manager.

When designing in WYSIWYG, you might find a look you’ve created is perfect for a digital rendering, so you start a rendering inside WYSIWYG, which might slow down the processing power for your machine.  To help with this, Cast has created a tool called the Background Rendering Manager – and it functions with or without WYSIWYG open.  It just renders, renders, and then renders some more, all in the background.  While I’m programming or creating a few looks inside of WYG, I simply send a render to the manager, which renders until it’s finished, and then lets me know.

Awesome.  Check out a screen capture of the Background Rendering Manager:

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