iLight’s “Hypnotica”


Last week I posted about iLight Technologies’ “Plexineon White 2X” series of flexible LED lighting – check out this product that lies on the RGB end of the spectrum, the Hypnotica line of LED illumination.  From the press release:

Designed to fit in the most discrete areas, Hypnotica is sure to create enchanting effects and environments – whether used as interior or exterior accent lighting, or in cove applications.

Hypnotica offers smooth, even light output along the entire length of the fixture, making it a visually rich and captivating direct view system. “In bringing this product to market,” states iLight President & CEO, Sean Callahan, “iLight fuses leading edge DMX and RDM technology from our partner, Pathway Connectivity, with our own unique lighting technology to provide designers with a sleek and technologically advanced color changing product.”

This slender RGB fixture is DMX 512 compatible for fully dynamic color control such as sequential color changing, color fading, multi-color blending and dramatic color movement in six inch resolution. Hypnotica is one of the first color changing products on the market with Remote Device Management (RDM) capability, allowing intelligent, bidirectional communication between our fixtures and RDM controllers giving you greater feedback and control than ever before.

Who’s ready for a product video with some funky music?

Cool.  It seems like every bar and night club in the world needs this – even the real shoegazer, “look how cool I am while I ignore you and look at my beer” bars.

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