James Clar’s “Portal”


James Clar and Associates’ installation called “Portal” is an installation that was created in December 2008 for the Roger Tator Galerie for a show called “Superflux” in Lyon, France.  From the Clar website:

Portal” creates a doorway from a diffuser screen and has abstract lines of light that travel back and forth through the door, bouncing around the room.

In architecture, a doorway represents the transition from one space to another. “Portal” visually displays this moment of change as a 2D plane using the diffuser screen. As viewers watch the light pass through the screen the clean lines diffuse and turn fuzzy.

Additionally, a sensor was set up at the doorway of the actual gallery space. So when visitors enter the gallery the light from “Portal” changes to a different color, also signifying their transition from the outside space to the inside gallery.

What do you think about this work?  I would love to see how the sensor and the color changes flowed with the audience – the human element – of the piece.  Interesting work!

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