BARCO and Magic Monkey Create an Architectural Fairy Tale


Barco, Electrabel, and Magic Monkey put on a display that just closed yesterday – a magical display of LED wonderment and architectural beauty.  Check out the press release from Barco:

Barco, a global leader in LED technology, is proud to announce that its creative LED MiSTRIP has been chosen for the Electrabel Nights in Brussels. From 28 November to 28 December 2008, the Grand Place is the setting for a spectacular sound and light spectacle designed and produced by Magic Monkey and showing Barco’s MiSTRIP at its best.

Every year in December, the city of Brussels organizes Winter Wonders, a special Christmas event that entices about three million visitors who come and enjoy the extensive cultural program and the Christmas market. For this special occasion, Electrabel, Belgium’s main energy producer and distributor, organizes the Electrabel Nights on the Grand Place.

This year’s design transforms the Grand Place into a magical forest, complete with mythical animal sounds. Groups of MiSTRIP masts are scattered all around the twenty meter high Christmas tree, giving the audience the chance to walk around as if they are actually in the forest. The masts can be seen from every corner of the Grand Place fully integrating the public in a 3D performance.

To complete this experience, each mast is also equipped with 2 speakers. The soundtrack, specially composed for this occasion, plays simultaneously with the MiSTRIP video, turning the show into a sensorial experience for everyone passing by. “This show is a new cutting edge step in the architectural lighting by integrating the actual environment and including the public into the show”, says Marc Largent from Magic Monkey. “Even though the centre of Brussels is extremely busy during the Christmas period, the Grand Place offers a heaven of tranquility for the visitors to relax while watching this modern fairy tale.”

“Barco’s MiSTRIP allows us to push our designs as far as possible,” concludes Marc Largent. “Their flexibility creates unlimited possibilities, and we designers are very lucky to have creative LED tools like the MiSTRIP available on the market today.”

The evening program starts at 16h30, but thanks to the high brightness of the MiSTRIP, an ambient version of the show can also be seen during the day on the Grand Place.

The MiSTRIP product page is here.  Also, check out Magic Monkey‘s site- they design a lot of really beautiful stuff.

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