Paris LED Installation Turns Human Activity Into Light


What you’re looking at above is an LED installation in Paris that interacts with human “signal” – mobile phone signals, people walking and cars driving, and interprets these datum into motion and light.  The article from LEDs Mag talk about the installation, “fLUX.”  From the article:

The installation was located on the banks of the Saint-Denis canal in the area of the Saint-Denis train station (a northern region of Paris), used by an average 60,000 commuters each day.

The installation consists of a network of 32 rotating and luminous panels of 3 meter-high and 60 centimetres wide, placed every 3 meters to form a kinetic wall. The panels rotate around their vertical axis, and have a black reflective surface on one side, the other being plain mat white. Their rotation is controlled by microprocessors, allowing to determine precisely the rotation speed and angle, while their networking allows to synchronise the movement of the 32 panels.

There were two companies that worked to design and give life to fLUX -A Belgian artist collective called LAb[au] and produced by a French art organization Synesthesie.  Have you seen this installation?  Got any pictures?  Post in the comments!

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