Dean Kamen’s Sustainable LED Paradise


The inventor of the Segway – you know, the lean and go thing – has an island that has in its future a net zero energy badge.  North Dumpling, his 3 acre island is located off of the coast of Connecticut.  Net Zero means that Mr. Kamen’s island (or The Kingdom of North Dumpling) is 100% off-the-grid, per se.  He does not depend on services at all.

Fritz Morgan, the Chief Technology Officer for Philips/Color Kinetics has helped Kamen with this feat – as of the next year, Kamen’s island will be lit up in brilliant color and quality (and with 70% less energy consumption, apparently) by a bunch of gear from Philips/Color Kinetics.

Thanks to DesignBoom!

Also, here’s the press release by Philips.

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  1. We would like some information on your S.E.L. Sustainable Emergency Light. Do you have a Distributor in Australia? Information on pricing and product specifications.

    Thank you,

    J. Griffiths
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