Chris Kabel’s Sticky Lamps


I’m going to be posting about a few more of Chris Kabel’s works in the coming days; after reading an article at Yanko Design about Chris, I checked out his website, and he has some excellent products there.  I appreciate someone as a designer who can take the function and regulate it to a point to the form while not boring the crap out of me.  Chris succeeded in my respect.

Not like my respect is worth much!  HA!

Anyhow – the Sticky Lamp:

As Chris says on his site, “Sticky Lamp is a lamp like a sticker.  Peel off the back lid and stick as high or as low as you can go.”  The Sticky Lamp is applied to whatever surface you like, assuming that surface will hold the adhesive (ie, I bet the carpet wouldn’t work, but why would you do that anyway?).

Sticky Lamp is one in a handful of lighting products from Chris Kabel.  I’ll be posting more soon on Chris’ work.

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