Elina Aalto’s Better View


Yatzer’s Design Blog posted about Elina Aalto’s black perforated window shades – called Better View, and made for IUKBOX, “an art production agency that aims at the promotion of designers and artists.”

Better View makes a night-esque city scene for your windows, for use during the day.  From Yatzer’s Design Blog:

Better View is a series of perforated black out roller blinds designed by Elina Aalto for IUKBOX. Light seeps in through the small cut out holes creating an image of a city by night. The cut-outs represent the light in the windows of apartment buildings and office complexes in the city. The series includes views from Paris, Tokyo, Helsinki and Stockholm in a limited edition of 1000 each.

Limited Edition – get yours while they last, where they last.  This is a very cool idea in my very humble opinion.  Now would I want Tokyo, Paris, Helsinki, or Stockholm?

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Yatzer!

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