Camilla Deidrich’s Fiber-Optic Wallpaper


Inhabitat has a great article about a new luminous wallpaper that has been released by designer Camilla Deidrich,  It’s fiber optic in nature.

From the article:

What if we could light our homes with glowing wallpaper rather than having to rely on electric lights? Swedish designer Camilla Diedrich has asked this exact question, and in response, created a stunning line of luminescent wallpaper that is lit by fiber optics. Her Nature Ray Charles Wallpaper features a delicate assortment of floral motifs that shine through in lucid lines, adding a touch of energy-efficient ambiance to any room.

Available in 8 different colors, Nature Ray Charles Wallpaper is part of Ms. Diedrich’s ‘Walls‘ product line. Speaking about her working process Ms. Diedrich says, “I have been searching for light without light…I was drawing as usual and slipped on the keyboard the drawing went extremely light and I just stared and thought wow this must be how blind people see and I thought of Ray Charles, the musician. His name is Ray, doesn’t that mean light?”

Thanks, Inhabitat.  You folks have such great research!

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