JimOnLight’s RSS Feed


If you read JimOnLight and don’t have an RSS reader of choice, what’s holding you back?

I discovered using RSS feeds a year or so ago, after realizing that it was so much easier to browse the 250+ sites I check daily in one location rather than either having eleventy million windows open, or taking the time to visit each one of the sites in my daily list.  Some of you might think that this is akin to microwaving a pop tart (meaning that if you have to microwave a pop tart, you need to loosen up your schedule), but it really does make browsing a lot easier.

My reader of preference is Google Reader – it’s free, anyone can have a Google account, and it’s got a nice interface.  RSS feeds work with all kinds of readers (and even Outlook if you’re using that), so click the big orange icon in the upper right and set up an RSS feed for JimOnLight!

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