PRG’s V676


I had a chance to check out the V676 console from PRG at LDI last week.  My favorite thing said about this console by the rep who was showing me the ins and outs was “budget was not an issue since it’s a rental item, so we spared no expense to make this desk great.”

Well, bravo, PRG.  What a great desk!

From the press release on the PRG site:

The V676â„¢ console is an elegant programming and control solution. Offering extraordinary speed, both in programming and responsiveness, as well as innovative interface advancements both in hardware layout and software design. V676, built on a legacy of proven reliability and cutting edge console development, expands the possibilities offered to designers and programmers alike. Intuitive features that quickly and easily handle the ever expanding scope of equipment to be controlled while acknowledging the ever decreasing time to program it all. V676 is designed with attention to detail and an insightful understanding of the practical demands of programming.

I got some pictures of this as well.  It sort of resembles an iPhone!  I really want to learn this desk.  I really want to learn this desk.

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