The Gobo Visualizer


I just discovered an AWESOME tool at – the Gobo Visualizer.

The Gobo Visualizer allows you to simulate a dual-gobo rotator with a static gobo behind, and either a solid sheet of color, no color, or split color.  Speeds are adjustable in either direction, from 0 to 30 RPM, and has gobos from Apollo, Rosco, GAM, Goboman, and Goboland.  You can also alter the projected focus of the gobo pair.  This is a great tool!  I hope it lasts!

Sometimes you can surprise yourself with two gobos that look like they do not belong rotating together.  For example, try Goboland #2100000 (5-pointed star) and Goboland #2100001 (5-pointed dancing star) rotating each a different direction.  Amazing!  It’s not always easy to visualize rotating templates before you order 50 of them for your rig, so this is an excellent place to visit if you have some rotating gobos designed into your upcoming rig.

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