Friday Morning Productivity Killer: iTunes 8 Visualizer


After installing a 1GB video card to do some amazing WYSIWYG viz, I realized that I still hadn’t figured out how to control the visualizer in iTunes 8 yet.  There isn’t a lot of info posted about the controls for the visualizer (which you reach by pressing CTRL+T, by the way), and I knew there was a way to control the parameters.

Lo and behold – when you press Shift and ? (in order to accurately type a ?) you are given the glorious help menu!  iTubes 8 Viz control is as follows:

? Toggles the help screen
M Changes the mode
P Changes the palette
I Displays the track info
C Toggles auto cycle (which is on by default)
F Toggles freeze mode
N Toggles nebula mode
L Toggles camera lock

Experiment around with these, you can actually get some pretty great video FX for your favorite tunes.  Stand by, because I’ll be writing a review of the Arkaos VJ software soon – that’s like DMX-able visualizations in a box!

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  1. Hey Jim

    Have you tried playing with the free Winamp + Advanced Visualisation Studio? With user plugins and visualisation editor, you can conjure up some pretty cool beat detected media for projection. OK, it’s not quite Arkaos VJ but it is funky and free.

    I don’t know of any off the shelf DMX way of control Winamp but there is a method for firing Winamp from Avolites consoles. I might put up a tutorial on this at On Stage Lighting in the near future.

    Enjoying your blog. Best Wishes


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