Lightwright 5


Well, just as a guy gets working with Lightwright 4 (yeah, I’m a bit behind the times, as I was on LW3 for years and years), John McKernon is going to be showing Lightwright 5 at LDI in Vegas this year.

Some new features from McKernon’s website:

There is no release date yet for Lightwright 5, but it is likely to be December 2008 or very early 2009.

Anyone who registers a new or upgrade Individual or Institutional license for Lightwright 4 after September 14, 2008 will be eligible for a free upgrade to Lightwright 5 when it is released.

All other users of Lightwright 4 (except students) will be able to purchase upgrades to version 5 at low upgrade-only rates. The status of student licenses is still undetermined.

Easy to use Vectorworksâ„¢ Spotlight 2009 Data Exchange – No more import/export/merge hassles!

Any number of show files can be open at the same time!

Completely rethought and reconceived worknote capabilities, including printing, emailing, and transmitting via network connections!

Multiple-user file history and reconciliation!

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