LiteBrite On Crack: Luminodot!


Bandai’s Luminodot from Long Tran on Vimeo.

Anyone remember LiteBrite?  I certainly hope you remember LiteBrite!  It was the analog pixel toy of my youth, and the youth of several millions of others, I would hope.  I can certainly remember playing with that thing in the dark for hours.  My only issue was the black paper – and grateful when my father helped me realize that you could use black construction paper just as well.  Now we have a new-fangled LiteBrite-style toy for the Internet generation – the Luminodot.


Luminodot is like a pixel-creating bit of amazingness.  Using the software included you can animate your LiteBrite-style creation into videos and moving images like there’s no tomorrow.

Check out the original article on Yanko Design.

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