Jongoh Lee’s Invisible Streetlight


Jongoh Lee has invented a solar-powered “streetlight” (funny enough called the Invisible Streetlight) device for parks and places with trees.  So, really anywhere, per se, can this device be used.  It’s designed to disappear among the leaves and branches, collecting solar energy all day, and then utilizing LED’s at night to expunge that collected energy for illumination.

A blurb on the design, from Coroflot:

Invisible Streetlight emits light at nighttime by saving energy from sunlight during the day. The most innovative element of Invisible Streetlight is that it does not require a support because the flexible body in the shape of tree branch is directly installed to the trees lining a street. Installation is simple in parks and outskirts of urban centers. Also, Invisible Streetlight does not spoil scenic beauty of the surrounding areas.

Jongoh’s design was a finalist for the 2008 International Design Excellence Award.  Too bad it didn’t place – I love the design!  I only worry about people stealing the hell out of this thing, as it’s awesome.  Everyone has their concerns – energy storage, theft protection, tree damage, intensity, etc.

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