LED Pilot’s Flashlight


The tools blog Cool Tools had an article about this LED pilot’s flashlight.  It has twenty bright white LED’s and six red LED’s for low-light environments – cockpits for pilots, and more referenceable, FOH or onstage for the lighting professionals.  It’s not expensive, at $17.95.  I paid three dollars more than that to convert my LED Maglite.

  • Powerful 26 Super-bright LED Flashlight – 20 White / 6 Red
  • 2 Color Design – White LEDs for general use / RED LEDs for preserving night vision
  • For Pilots, Flight Crews, Police, Fire, EMS, Military, Hunters, Camping or anyone needing to see at night but preserve night vision
  • Anondized aluminum body, 2 position pushbutton switch
  • Packaged WITH 3 AAA (included) and hand strap

Check it out on Amazon:  LED Pilot’s Flashlight

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