Luxim’s Eeny Meeny Little Lamp Outshines a Streetlamp HID


So, a company called Luxim has invented a tic-tac sized lamp that contains argon at its center, a component called a “puck,” and a dielectric embedded structure that heats the argon to over 6000° K – making it so unbelievably bright for its size.  A source that uses plasma to generate light.

Could we be on the verge of something amazing here?  It certainly looks that way:

The plasma bulb uses 250 watts, and achieves around 140 lumens per watt, making it very bright and highly efficient. By comparison, conventional lightbulbs and high-end LEDs get around 15 and 70 lumens per watt, respectively.

“A key advantage is that the energy is driven into the bulb without any electrodes, so you don’t need any electrical connections to get the energy into the bulb,” Luxim CEO Tony McGettigan explained to ZDNet.

Check out articles at CNet and Physorg.

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