Light Transmitting Concrete


Say what?

That’s right, material with all of the same strength as concrete, but with embedded glass fibers to allow light to pass through it, giving silhouettes and other images of that nature.  An article over from the good folks at spreads info about the substance called “LitraCon,” invented by Aron Losconczi.

“Thousands of optical glass fibers form a matrix and run parallel to each other between the two main surfaces of every block,” explained its inventor Áron Losonczi. “Shadows on the lighter side will appear with sharp outlines on the darker one. Even the colours remain the same. This special effect creates the general impression that the thickness and weight of a concrete wall will disappear.”

Losconczi is a 27 year old architect living and studying in Stockholm, Sweden.  His new company, affectionately called LitraCon, has been created to sell the product, and he hopes to begin selling prefab blocks of LitraCon later this year:

“In theory, a wall structure built out of the light-transmitting concrete can be a couple of meters thick as the fibers work without any loss in light up to 20 m,” explained Losonczi. “Load-bearing structures can also be built from the blocks as glass fibers do not have a negative effect on the well-known high compressive strength of concrete. The blocks can be produced in various sizes with embedded heat isolation too.”

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