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HELIOS is the US Navy’s New Laser Weapon

The personification of the sun... a laser that can knock a drone dead out of the sky, somewhere between 60kW and 150kW. That's tremendous.

Jim On Open Heart Surgery

On October 23, 2017, I'm going to be having open heart surgery.  I'm 39 years old. There are a lot of things in the world...

TESLA: The Race to Zero Point Free Energy

Looking for something awesome to watch tonight?  Laura and I are going to watch the documentary Sirius again in the next few days, but...

What’s the Big Hype about OLEDs?

Do you know what an OLED is really?  I know you've read about them here, and they're constantly in the news.  OLEDs - or...

Jax’s Link-O-Rama: Mercy Street Edition

I've been laid up with a back injury (yup: incurred in the theatre!) for the past few days and am not getting out much....