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A DIY LED VU-Meter Necktie!

I am never, ever disappointed by Make.  Not in seven years of doing this blog have I ever come across a story on Make...

Dave Jones Talks About Thermal Design for Electronics

I've talked a lot about Dave Jones from time to time on JimOnLight.com - Dave is in Sydney, Australia, and he is one of...

Meet the Integrated Circuit, or IC

One of my favorite DIYers is Collin Cunningham - you might know him from his informative videos on capacitors, resistors, diodes, and other stuff...

The Diode

Collin Cunningham brings us another very freaking awesome video - this time, we learn a bit about the diode.  It's an electronic valve that...

Our Friend the Resistor

Collin Cunningham has brought yet another great video to the web about electrical components.  This time we meet the Resistor - and Collin shows...

Do You Know What Transistors Do?

Another great video from Collin Cunningham over with Make Magazine - this time Collin talks about transistors - some history, what they do, different...

The Capacitor

I posted a great video on LEDs a little while back that was posted by Make Mag and starring the brain of Collin Cunningham...