Lighting Industry Oral History Interviews, from NAMM


I was kinda blown away the other day looking at the Rusty Brutsche and Jim Bornhorst interviews on the NAMM website, so I dug a bit further.  There are dozens of interviews there!  Not just for us photon ninjas, but from audio and industry parents who helped make our work an industry.  I’m a big believer in learning from the past to solidify the present and improve the future.

I personally find learning about things that I am most passionate about most effectively comes from hearing others talk about it.  Passion FOR a subject when discussing a subject makes it 100 times easier to absorb the material that you’re hearing, and it makes the people talking about their subject even more in tune with how badly you want to learn.  I went to a USITT a handful of years ago where Peter Morse talked about his career, and a lot of the things he talked about were his life experiences — that makes for one amazing presentation!

Check out some of these outstanding Pro Audio/DJ Oral History Interviews from NAMM, I picked out the lighting industry specific ones — I wasn’t disappointed, these videos are awesome!

Bob See
8/5/1947 to 2/10/2015, Requiescat en Pace

Bob See -- NAMM Oral History

Ralph-Joerg Wezorke
Founder of LightPower

Ralph-Joerg Wezorke NAMM Oral History

Lori Rubenstein
ESTA — Entertainment Services and Technology Association

Lori Rubenstein NAMM Oral History

Patrick Stansfield
12/19/1943 to 10/27/2014, Requiescat en Pace

Jim Bornhorst
Co-Founder, SHOWCO

Rusty Brutsche
Co-Founder, SHOWCO

Victor Pavona
President, ETA Systems

The entire directory of video Oral History is found here on the NAMM site, and the DJ/Pro Lighting directory is here; this is by far not an exhaustive selection!

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