A Global Collection of New Years 2015 Fireworks


Happy New Year, everyone!

I’m not one to do “resolutions,” per se — I haven’t quite figured out yet how not to disappoint myself on day two of the year, so I skirt the activity altogether!  Since I went to bed around 11pm last night, I wanted to see some of the fireworks from last night.  Below is a collection of New Years 2015 fireworks from cities like Dubai (which was AWESOME), NYC, London, San Francisco, Chicago, Brazil…  oh America, we don’t party like the rest of the world parties.  Let’s all at least resolve to loosen the hell up in 2015, America.  We look like jackasses across the globe for the BS we see in our news.

Check these out, this is some awesome stuff!

Dubai 2015 fireworks:

Sydney 2015 fireworks:

London 2015 fireworks:

The Ball Drop in Times Square, NYC, 2015:

Rio de Janeiro 2015 fireworks:

Tokyo 2015 fireworks – a “fireworks only” view:

Tokyo 2015 fireworks – take a moment to close the three text boxes and this is an awesome video:

North Korea 2015 fireworks — for a country that starves millions of its people, they sure have a nice fireworks display budget.

Istanbul, Turkey – 2015 fireworks:

From the Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan – 2015 fireworks:

Paris 2015 fireworks, from the Arc du Triomphe:

Hong Kong, China – 2015 fireworks:

Moscow 2015 fireworks — again, I guess that economy isn’t so bad after all…

Berlin, Germany – 2015 fireworks:

Chicago’s Navy Pier fireworks, 2015:

An absolutely AWESOME view of San Francisco’s 2015 fireworks show:

Madeira’s 2015 fireworks – they’re just off of the Canary Islands:

Lake Buena Vista, FL – otherwise known as Disney World, in the Magic Kingdom – 2015 fireworks:

A view of the Las Vegas 2015 fireworks, um, extravaganzas – plural:

I think that’s enough for one post, don’t you? HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s make 2015 WAY better than 2014, because 2014 really, really sucked for my family. Now get up, shake off that hangover, make some promises you’re not gonna keep to yourself, and have some breakfast!!!


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