The Weekly “Dodgy Technicians” Facebook Group on JimOnLight!


    I’m very excited to announce that JimOnLight is going to feature a weekly post of some of the scariest, most unbelievable photos of dodgy work done by people in our business.  In cooperation with Andy and Chris from the Dodgy Technicians group on Facebook, JimOnLight will be hosting some of these very crazy photos for your enjoyment, fright, and entertainment — hopefully this will also force people to do better work, because — well, who in their right minds wants to become famous this way?!

    Ladies and gentlemen, here are some really Dodgy photos!  Can you spot the epic fails?!  Click on each photo for a larger version, maybe it will help you spot the disaster either in progress or waiting to happen!

    I call this piece “Hanging Just By Safety Cables.”
    No, no, standing a ladder on a sheet of plywood is perfectly safe. I hope the ATV’s parking brake is on!
    What the double what?!
    I’m sure that the crane operator was sober.
    Welcome to Faces of Death the Game Show! Would you prefer falling, electrocution, or a combination of both?
    Sometimes even my big mouth has nothing to say. Wow.
    What, was the ladder really THAT inconvenient?!
    Nah, that won’t lead to tape residue at all.
    I have nothing but sympathy for this tech — the first time I ever soldered a 19-pin socapex connector, I forgot to add half of the casing hardware. I actually cried!
    Click on this one, check it out full-size. There are sticks of truss that are TRUCK-STRAPPED TOGETHER and TO THE ROOF.

    We’ll be back next week with another installment of Dodgy Technicians on JimOnLight!  Make sure to visit Dodgy Technicians on Facebook for daily entertainment of the ridiculous kind!


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