Tempera Blacklight Paint for Next Week’s Rave?



I was searching around in the hotel room a few nights ago instead of sleeping, and I saw an article about some really cool (and considerably cheap) multiple color blacklight tempera paints!  These things are fairly vibrant; honestly, there are a lot of installations and projects on the smaller scale that could benefit from something like this considering its price and ultraviolet luminance.

I have this dream where I light a white room that is covered in multiple colors of blacklight paints, but the room is white when I walk in.  As I step to the console, the room goes dark, and I am shown an RGB view of the room, then a CMY view of the room, and then the console lights up and I have to play an enormous game of Simon.  It’s one of my favorite dreams!  Funny enough, every time I play the dream the sequence is different.  I am totally going to make that a design someday, and I’m gonna throw some Bad Boys in there, and have a huge rave.

I’m still the most enormous fan of Wildfire ultraviolet fluorescing paints — I did a parade a few Halloweens ago and used a ton of it, and lit a few pieces of dance that had a very intense Wildfire paint design (with some high output UV sources, of course) that was kinda mindblowing – moving images in real-time with one of the multi-dancer Bodhisattva routine and wildfire paint.  If I only had the foresight to ask a grad student for a camera at the time – and if I only had the hindsight to solve all of the world’s problems…



But this, my friends, is Wildfire paint:



Thanks to Wildfire’s blog, The Blacklight Blaze for the image above the video, and DirectGlow for the images of the paint!

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