The Daily Lamp – Fellow Lamp from Yours Design


Today’s Daily Lamp reminds me of something that at any time could just hop out of its inanimate state and start running down the hall at my wife — ladies and gentlemen, the Fellow Lamp from New Zealand studio Yours Design:


From the pages of Yours Design on the Fellow Lamp:

Fellow Lamp provides any desk or with a sense of personality and companionship. With an undertone of elegance, beautiful hand turned wooden legs are angled to hold a specific posture. An adjustable head completes this piece and provides directional light.

Dimensions: Height 500mm
Materials: American Ash, spun Aluminium, Steel, Fabric Flex cable
Finish: Clear Satin wood lacquer, anodised Matte Black OR powder coat Gloss White

The Yours Design (or YS Collective, as they are now called), is made of three designers:

Y.S Collective is a contemporary design company based in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Founded by Daniel KampJames McNab and Samuel Griffin in 2012, Y.S Collective produces beautiful, innovative furniture and lighting as well as interior design solutions, for both residential and commercial settings.

All Y.S products are meticulously designed in our Tauranga studio and manufactured at different locations around New Zealand, using the combination of skilled labour, from some of the country’s best craftsmen, and modern manufacturing technologies. Our products then return to us for assembly and finishing touches before being sent out to our stockists, or direct to you.

The Y.S design process centres around quality and innovation. Each new project, to design a product or environment, is headed by one of our three designers and developed collaboratively, until it reaches perfection.

“We would describe our first collection as fresh and bold, almost basic, in the fact that the combination of simple forms and contrasting materials is consistent throughout. Exposed fixings and honest structural elements, give a clear insight into the assembly of all of our pieces. There is no design trickery here!” – our designers.


GAH!  I love this thing — it does seem to be saying “hey hey!  let me light this up for you!”  But just so you know, it’s telling you that to the tune of $695 bucks.






Thanks to Contemporist and The Design Home!


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