Good Morning Inspiration! Jack Carroll’s “Britain’s Got Talent” Appearance



Good morning, world!  I hope you woke up healthy and happy this morning, with nothing to hinder your thoughts and the sun shining on your life.

When I got out of bed this morning, my amazing wife put a glass of iced coffee and breakfast in front of me right as I sat down on the couch, and she kissed my tiredness away.  Nine seconds later, we saw this video while reading the news.  I was so inspired by that I had to share.  The video below is of 14 year old comedian Jack Carroll, who made an amazing presence on Britain’s Got Talent – and walking away with four enthusiastic YES votes and a thumbs up from Simon Cowell.

Jack, thanks a lot for the inspiration this morning.

Get out there and Carpe Diem, mophos!  Have an amazing day!

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