The Daily Lamp – Pilu Lamp from Leoni Werle



Finally, a lamp that incorporates the idea of balance into a design!  In this case, it’s the lamp itself that does the balancing!

German maker Leoni Werle created the Pilu Lamp on exactly that premise. From Leoni’s blog on the Pilu Lamp:

The shape of the base allows Pilu to switch between two different positions, like a seesaw. the lampshade and the base are connected by a one directional hinge, which moves according to the angle of the base. The hinge allows the light to be directed downwards, even when the lamp is in the angled position.

The Pilu Lamp comes in a floor lamp and a table lamp form factor; I’d love to get a detail of those hinge devices inside of the lamp!  Something tells me it’s only a rocker, but I’ll reserve judgement until I see the lamp in person!







Thanks, Tuvie!

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