UPDATE – Ultra Music Festival LED Wall Accident


I got some new information last night from an anonymous source that I trust — I am happy to report that the remainder of the people injured in the fall of a 30 foot long LED wall have been released from the hospital.


I also got some information on the kind of gear used on the Ultra stage:

  • The panels that fell were VER’s Everbrighten BR15‘s, provided by NEP Screenworks
    what this means is that video panels that happen to the VER’s model Everbrighten BR15’s, and they happen to have been supplied by Screenworks.  THAT IS ALL THAT MEANS, people.  We know nothing of what happened and why at this point.
  • There were some Robin 600 LED Washes from Robe and some Atomic strobes on the bit of equipment that fell

As is the modus operandi in our industry, the show must go on, and it is — check out the Live streaming at YouTube.com/umftv

Congratulations to ALL of the families who get to hug their loved ones tonight!

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