Gallons of Light – A Tesla Motors Story



    Have you heard of the Tesla “Gallons of Light” video?  A guy named Jordan Bloch, filmmaker and storyteller, decided one day while out with his girlfriend that he would — nah, you know what, here.  I’ll let Jordan tell the story:

    It was November 2012, and I had just moved from New York City to Los Angeles. My girlfriend and I were walking down the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA, and I noticed the Tesla retail store.

    I’d heard about Tesla, but seeing the car in person…I was floored. Beyond the car itself, Tesla was creating a network of free, solar-powered Superchargers in partnership with Solar City. This was the future of transportation.

    As I looked around the store, my eyes wandered to plasma screens showing footage of the Model S. Frankly, I wasn’t impressed. Where was the cinematic flair, the story, the emotion? I knew I could do better.

    As I stared at the monitors surrounding me, I saw an incredible opportunity: to create a commercial that tied together the Model S and the Superchargers.

    I went home and contemplated the challenge I was up against. Where would I get a Model S for my project? A hot commodity, the car was massively backordered.

    The prospect was daunting to say the least….

    So he made this:

    This is pretty cool — I mean other than it being a marketing campaign, which pretty much everything in our lives is, from every angle.  But Jordan, your marketing campaign is excellent.

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    1. Wow, that is a great marketing campaign – and beautifully shot. I think it says a lot that Teslas are backordered. People are becoming more environmentally aware; now your car’s eco-friendliness might be as important as it’s horsepower. We’re seeing the same thing at Vode: lighting design is important to architects, but now the light’s energy usage is also important. I look forward to this trend continuing!