Long Overdue Changes


    Greetings all. I’m sorry if you’ve noticed some downtime and other weirdness going on at the site over the last few days. I’m trying to work through all of it and give us an upgrade. Needless to say, I’m burnt out and frustrated with all of the crap that has been dealt to the site. I couldn’t stand the lack of responses or completely inadequate responses that we did receive about issues that were out of our control.

    Anyway, I’m combining a change of hosting server and much-anticipated new look into this horrendous process. You should be able to see some of the new look at this point but you probably can’t see any of the photos included in articles. I’m hoping that worst case scenario for the ugliness is only through the end of Tuesday (April 24).

    I’ll try to keep everyone posted with what’s going on when I can. I’ll be visiting my with my doc tomorrow for my pre-surgery appointment. One week and counting…

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