What are YOU Doing with YOUR Saturday?


    Ever go through one of those phases where you’ve had so much coffee on a regular schedule where you actually have the sh-shhhakes?!  I’m having one of those times right now.  I’m getting wysiwyg and Vivien ready for NAB 2012, managing and coordinating the site load-in, living in an empty apartment until April 20, trying to figure out how to get Light Day kicking full speed again, and missing my cat.  It’s a very weird experience coming home to a completely empty apartment; I mean, I have an air mattress and I went and bought some cooking gear so I didn’t have to spend tons eating takeout all the time, but really that’s it.  I haven’t had time to go back to OKC and get everything packed up and moved.  That happens after NAB, around April 20 after load-out.  I’ll be in Vegas for 11 days or so, I hope to spend time with Fox and Erin and their adorable kids, and see some of the folks I haven’t seen in foeva.  It IS a trade show, so let’s hope that every one of my waking moments isn’t trade show related, because it happens.  If you do trade shows, you know that feeling.

    I am 92% finished with the upcoming first episode of JimOnLight TV.  Yes, I know it’s been longer than two weeks.  A lot has happened since PLASA Focus, and that’s all coming too!  I have coverage from all of the events and shows I’ve attended since then, but JOL TV is on top of the mountain right now.  I hope this finds you all having an amazing day, and I hope you’re out there crushing it!

    Here’s one of my favorite videos when I need to CRUSHIT — I need to get Davids to make a CRUSHIT Favorites section on the JimOnLight iPhone App!

    and for something completely unrelated…

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