Five Minute Film School — Green Screen Movie


Alright, alright, hold on, check this out.  By the way, GOOD MORNING!  Yes, Jim got up early this morning, apparently instead of the coffee *I THOUGHT I DRANK* I had a big cup of completely crazy, and I’ve done about a day’s work already.  In this time I determined that I was going to teach myself how to use chroma-key green screens, and I found a few clever videos that should make you either go “hmm!” or maybe just give you a belly laugh.  This should be an excellent way to start your day!

Household Hackers do a green screen:

and THIS?  This – is just awesome.  Green screen tech in action:

Rosco sells Chroma Key blue and green – check it out.  FilmTools also sells Chroma Key stuff like tape and paint, and flooring.  Yeah, I had no idea either.

(Image credit from a cool article on photoshop chroma-keying from techWOW.  Check it out!)

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