Coolest Lamp Failure I’ve Ever Seen


My master electrician brought this to me yesterday – this is the most random, coolest lamp failure I have ever seen!  It looks to me to be a fingerprint failure, and once the envelope actually failed, the filament kinda puked itself out there, too!  The lamp was an EHD (120V, 500W) in a Kliegl fresnel.  Yes, a Kliegl fresnel.


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  1. At first, looking at the thumbnail, I thought the lamp had been retrofitted for use as a key chain.

  2. Seen some really interesting lamp failures (too bad I never get photos of them) and this one is certainly up there.
    I really should take further steps to preserve them so I can photograph them. Usually they get thrown out first lol. And now-a-days I see fewer of them, because I usually keep them from happening in the first place.
    Had one that looked a lot like this one last winter from a Colourtran mini-ellipse

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