RIP Rutherford the Brave, Super Lumen Kitty


one of the three patented "leia looks"

No one but me probably cares about this, but since it’s my website and all…

Today in 2007, my favorite cat passed away.  His name was Rutherford the Brave, and he was a total lighting designer’s kitty.  We went through a lot of rough and awesome times together. Somewhere I have video of Rutherford actually moving a fader up on a Hog 1000, but I can’t find it!

Thanks for being my pal, buddy boy. I miss you so much.

the cutest picture of Ruthman and his daddy

me and the ruthman:  an intimate portrait

rutherford sleeping

ruthman spills out of his bed

secret tool bag hiding spot with lazer eyes


sleepy little man

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  1. I’m not quite sure how I came to this site. But, I just had to post something. I was a lifelong “cat hater”….until I actually owned one or two. My ex-wife insisted on rescuing a kitten at the local Pets R Us store. I was totally against it. I ignored “Kida” for the first few weeks we had him. My attitude toward him changed when I got the worst case of the flu in my life in February of 2004. I was laying in bed miserable and could hardly breath, when suddenly I felt something move against my back (I was laying on my side). It was Kida curled up against me. Maybe he was just trying to get warm since it was winter. But, he soon just curled up in the pit of my left arm and would not leave me. The wife would come get him, but he would jump right back in the bed with me. We became best pals from that time on.

    I loved Kida like no other pet I ever had, including Mister, my beloved beagle. Our divorce in 2005 was messy and my x did everything she could to hurt me. This meant keeping Kida from me. My heart was broken. I mean, it really hurt. But, what hurt even more is when I found out months later she had given Kida away to another family. I don’t even know if Kida is alive or dead now. I hope he has had a happy life. He sure made my life easier during some tough times in my marriage. I’ll always love Kida. I share in your grief for Rutherford the Brave.

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