Lightning in Oklahoma City – from the World HQ


For the first time in my life, I live in an apartment tower.  I’ve lived in apartments before, of course, but never anywhere that had floors above the second or third floor.  I’m on the thirteenth floor, with an amazing view of downtown Oklahoma City.

I have found a new kind of peace with this kind of view – when I make it home early enough that the sun is still up, it is amazing to watch the city get ready for the night time by turning on architectural illumination.  The city has a soul, and you see it at night when it is shining.

Another amazing sight at this vantage is storms.  Oh holy crap do I love storms and lightning – and Oklahoma City is right in that tornado-y, ass-kicking thunderstorms and hail alley of the country.  A few weeks ago we had a string of days that had afternoon thunderstorms – and I had my camera on the tripod!

Check these out – I hope it is a good start to your morning!

and I kid you not, when this wave was over, the freaking sun popped out, and BOOM – DOUBLE RAINBOW.

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  1. Great photos!!! As a weather geek, I’m jealous of OK’s storms!

    As a fellow urban storm chaser, a couple tips… I’d suggest experimenting by color correcting the photos (I use Adobe Lightroom) so that the lightning is “white”. That will shift away from that low pressure sodium orange sheen. Here’s some examples:

    Also, I recommend one of these:
    It gives you a lot more control over the exposure and works really well (just don’t point it at a computer monitor).

    Lots more Brooklyn (and other places) weather photos here:

    Keep up the great work!


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