FINAL DAY for VOTING in the Fall Scholarship Contest!


It’s here, everybody – the final day of voting in the Fall Scholarship Contest!  We’ve got pretty excellent videos submitted – each and every one – and I am excited to see how the industry votes!  The lighting industries have really reached out for this one, and there are a lot of people to thank.  The voting ends tonight, at midnight CST.  Get your votes in before then!

MORE good news, in addition to the outreach that has taken place already – David Johnson from Live Design/LDI has contributed a FREE TICKET to the 2011 Broadway Lighting Master Classes in May 2011!  This will go to the first place winner of the contest.

So far, here’s the scholarship prize lineup:




  • $250 USD!

In addition, everyone who entered the contest gets a t-shirt courtesy of 4Wall Entertainment, and a box of goodies from me!

I’d like to thank SeaChanger, David Fox, InLight Gobos, 4Wall Entertainment, Zero88, and Live Design for giving to the future of the lighting industries.  These folks are among the sort that care about what happens to our beloved industry.

We’re going to have a lot more of these scholarship contests – with the economy the way it is right now and the way that Universities are raising tuition and fees on what seems a monthly schedule these days, it is up to us as people who are dedicated to the lighting industries to make sure the future is sustained.  You heard it here first.

Now GO VOTE in the Fall 2010 Scholarship Contest!!! Hurry, voting stops at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT CST!

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