UPDATE! JimOnLight.com Fall Scholarship Contest! READ ME!


Holy cow, holy cow, followed by holy cow.  If this contest were a Scorpions song, it would be “here I am, rock you in quite the same fashion as that of a hurricane.”  I have received some outstanding news, people – news that affects this contest for the positive!

Some of the industry’s most future conscious companies have stepped up and offered some additional funds for the JimOnLight.com Fall Scholarship Contest – which means I’m able to offer MORE PRIZE MONEY for the winner!  Also, something that rocks pretty hard, I am now able to offer a RUNNER UP prize!

The web’s favorite fox, the Fantastic David Fox from the lighting team at KA in Las Vegas, Larry Zoll and the great people over at Zero88, and the monumentally awesome team over at SeaChanger have offered some funds to boost the prizes!  Now, I am able to give a $1000 first place prize (and two tickets to see KA in Las Vegas, good for one year through Mr. Fox) and a $500 Runner Up prize, which ALSO features two tickets to KA, good for one year!

UPDATE:  4Wall Entertainment has just contributed $250 to the pot, making the first prize $1000 USD! 4Wall is also giving ALL OF THE WINNERS a 4Wall t-shirt!  Everyone who entered wins!

UPDATE:  Rick and Adri at InLight Gobos has contributed $250 to the contest pool – now I can offer a Second Runner Up prize of $250!

The outpouring of support that I have gotten for you excellent contest participants from the lighting industry is enough to make me choke up a bit.  This is why I love our lighting industries – because they care about our future.

Make sure to go vote on your favorite video at the official JimOnLight.com Fall Scholarship Contest page!

Side note:

If you’re from a lighting company and want to contribute to the winners’ prize packages in any way, please contact me via the contact form or by emailing jim [AT] jimonlight [DOTCOM].  I’m getting several emails a day about contributing – I’ll make sure to publish your name and company link.  This is all about our industry’s next rising stars.  Help out if you can!

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  1. This is further proof that Jim On Light has his finger on the pulse of the lighting industry. Kudos to those “future conscious companies” for doing their part to help up and coming designers with their education.

  2. I don’t know about changing the rules after the contest is closed.
    Either have a new contest or divide the new prizes according to the number of votes gotten.
    It’s not fair otherwise.

  3. Yes, but now the contest is ‘How many friends do you have” rather than “How good a video about your passion can you make?”.

    • I’m sorry to sound dense, but I really need you to explain what it is that upsets you about the contest and how it affects you personally.

      It all seems pretty common sense to me: I’m having a contest for a scholarship on my website that required people to submit a video to me at my website to enter the contest. If the video was sent to me before the established deadline, it was entered into the contest. Fortunately the lighting industries are have some involved companies who enjoy giving back to their constituency, and several stepped up to raise the effective fiscal gift to the winners, and allow me to offer a second opportunity to a runner up. Also, everyone who entered will receive a t-shirt.

      What is it that I did wrong again? Better yet, what is it that I can do in your eyes to satisfy whatever it is that is upsetting you? Have you some constructive ideas for the next contest?

  4. WOW! Thank you so much David, Sea Changer, and Zero 88! It’s so exciting that we have such a great network of lighting professionals and students. We students are always so excited to read about what the professionals and companies are creating here on JimOnLight it’s amazing to see it the other way, where they’re cheering us silly kids on. It’s just. Wow. I love lighting and all the people making it. Good luck everyone!

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