GOP Senate Tea Bagger Ron Johnson Thinks Sunspots Explain Climate Change


Wow.  This news is about a week and a half old or so, but have you heard what the Republican Senate candidate Ron Johnson (also celebrated by the Tea Baggers) thinks the source of all of our climate change is in the world?


Johnson thinks that there’s no way that man-made causes are to blame for climate change.  I mean, after all, he is supported by the party is named after something people do with balls.  He must be right on.  Here’s his quote from the Milwaukee Sentinel about the subject:

If you take a look at geologic time, we’ve had huge climate swings. We’re sitting here in Wisconsin. Had it not been for climate swings, we’d be sitting on a two or three hundred foot thick glacier. Man wasn’t around back then. So no, I absolutely do not believe that the science of man-caused climate change is proven. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I think it’s far more likely that it’s just sunspot activity, or something just in the geologic eons of time where we have changes in the climate.

The Middle Ages was an extremely warm period of time, too. It wasn’t like there were tons of cars on the road. So it always strikes me as a little absurd for anybody to think, Okay, this is the sweet spot in geologic time for climate. And it’s such a good place, that we have spent trillions of dollars, and do great harm to our economy, on a fool’s errand. I don’t think we can do anything about controlling what the climate is.

Amazing. I feel so much better about politicians now. The fact that he relates our economy to global climate change just kinda blows my mind.  If stupidity was a crime, this moron would be doing life in prison.

Here’s a couple of videos that you should watch to get a scoop on this craziness:


Damn.  If I were the Sun, I’d be horribly offended.  Seriously now – are we, as a collective population, REALLY stupid enough to be swayed by ridiculance like this?  Gosh, I sure hope not.

Thanks, Duke.

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  1. I’ve been reading Jim on Light for a while now, and have loved it. I’m disappointed in the way you wrote this post. I completely respect your right to post what you want and to think how you want to think, but I think it is completely unnecessary to resort to name calling as part of making your point. You can respectfully disagree with him and represent your cause and beliefs far better then by resorting to name calling.
    the fact is that he is at least partially correct, climate change has happened in history without human influence, and sun spots and solar flares are among the theories as to why we have had climate change in the past.

    • Brent, thank you so much for reading – it means a lot to me that you feel comfortable to leave a comment voicing your opinion. if there is anything in the world I want, it is the ability for readers of this site to be truthful, honest, and unbarred in their comments.

      I find it offensive that Johnson has tried to play on the basar stupidity of the American public by saying that climate change doesn’t exist, and that “sunspot activity” is to blame for what is going on. This seems to be a pretty solid GOP strategy, lying to the constituency with false facts and plain rampant bullshit. This is what I have a problem with, the false statements – I find it personally offensive, which is why I take the tone I do when I am personally offended. Johnson is taking the same stance as people like Glen Beck, who play on people’s laziness and ignorance instead of trying to go above and beyond to inform the population about what is going on. This is why I took the stance I did. I’m sure that I’ll take it again.

      I wish that people would realize that politicians aren’t what we need to fix what is wrong with our world – our problems are technological, not political. I took the same stance with Texas House Bill 2648 as well – if you forgot, it was the bill that the Republicans tried to sneak into a bill on concrete slab legislation that stated all Lighting Designers in the state of Texas were no longer allowed to practice their craft without being a licensed Texas architect, engineer, interior designer, or landscape architect. It’s people like you and I who are going to change the world for the better of all humanity – not people who connive and manipulate like Ron Johnson.

      I hope you continue to read JimOnLight. It means a lot to me that you do!


      • Jim, I thought the same thing as Brent after reading your post and thought it was very unlike you. Over the past, hell almost 2 years know that I’ve been checking your site out I’ve always loved the range of lighting you cover. I’m a product designer that designs lumiares so its great to see, how-to’s, how things are made, industry news, new technologies and Lighting Design stuff. All your posts are always informative, entertaining, inspiring, etc. The name calling, bashing and grouping is below you and the site.

        The fact is all politicians are doing this regardless of political affiliation. The republicans are brainless for continuing to say its “natural progression” and the dem’s are too busy for saying its all our fault. Did anyone ever think its a combination of the two? Our problems are technological and sites like yours get that info out there. Its too bad most just follow what some blow-hard says on TV.

        Thanks, John

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