Today is the second birthday of JimOnLight.com!  We’re TWO!  Aren’t we supposed to go to Chuck-E-Cheese or ShowBiz Pizza or something?

    Life has been so amazing, horrible, exciting, boring, great, terrible, outstanding, regular, changing, and the same over the last two years – as you will.  The one thing that stays consistent and even grows at a rapid rate is the readership of JimOnLight.com.  I have to say that no matter what happens in my life, the thing I enjoy the most is learning about light and sharing my knowledge with the world.  You all, the readers of JimOnLight.com, have made every day pretty great.  Every time you read the site, every time you load the RSS feed, and every time I get an email from someone with a question, comment, criticism, or praise, it absolutely makes my day.  Together, we have brought people together in our collective lighting industries – and we have changed our industry for the better on many, many occasions.

    I promise to keep doing what I’m doing – for me, and for you.  Thank you so much, from the depth of my soul, for reading JimOnLight.com.  It means the world to me that we’re able to share our knowledge and make our place better for everybody.  We’re quickly approaching a lifetime total of 1,500,000 individual readers since I started JimOnLight.com – and together, we’re all making light better for the future.

    To show my appreciation, I want to give some stuff away – and I’m gonna do it for the next seven days!  All I ask is that you leave a comment below with your favorite JimOnLight.com article link.  I’ll have the cold, unfeeling finger of the Random Number Generator do the picking, and I’ll post the winners for each day!  I’ll give stuff away until I’m out of stuff to give away – and as always, the shipping is on me!

    Thank you, everybody.  Seriously.  Thank you.

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    1. hi! happy 2nd birthday!
      jol was my connection to the world of light during this last year at the university (couldn’t work at all).
      thank you!

    2. Hey Jim-

      I didn’t know me and the site shared the same b-day…sweet!

      I still didn’t get those JOL stickers I ordered with the T-shirt you gave me like a year ago! I’m sure they got lost in the divorce mess….shoot me an email for the new address….thanks,

    3. Oh man, I was going to say that the post wishing Thomas Edison a happy birthday was my favorite, but then I read Sean’s comment above and remembered how much I loved the Ka behind-the-scenes post. Still, I’m going to stick with Edison’s birthday. Here’s why:

      1. I didn’t know he killed elephants.
      2. You also introduced me to the Pinky Show, which is amazing


      I love all of your Happy Birthday to random lighting people posts.

      Keep on doing what you do. You’re an important resource in the lighting and social media community.

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