Jax’s Link-O-Rama: Party at the Louvre Edition

Grand Louvre courtesy of Felber on Flickr

I had a party recently.  It was not at the Louvre.  That’s because I’m not a Nobel laureate laser-inventing genius.  Gotta get on that.  Anyway–here are your Monday links!

Grand Louvre courtesy of Felber on Flickr

Image snagged from Felber’s Flickr stream.  Thanks!

  • The US Department of Energy is throwing money around in the interest of better phosphorescent OLED technology. (OLED-info)
  • Prime opportunity for inventing a good euphemism: LEDs with “tighter binning”.(Enlighter)
  • More on LEDs: planar lighting. (LEDs Magazine)
  • Denied: Maryland doesn’t get smartmeters just yet. (Earth2Tech)
  • Fossil fuel subsidy WTF.  Aren’t we past rewarding stuff like this? (CleanTechnica)
  • Speaking of lighting a flat surface, here’s an edge-lit display how-to. (Make Magazine)
  • Vroom, vroom! (CleanTechnica)
  • Partying down with laser geniuses–at the Louvre! (Optics.org)
  • This won’t hurt a bit: laser injections! (Optics.org)
  • Here’s the Earth2Tech weekly roundup. (Inhabitat)
  • A late addition: this is a story from a couple of months ago, but it’s just come to our attention here at JOL, so we’ll pass it on.  Just in case you ever doubt that lighting designers are rock stars: here’s a sad INXS-style incident involving one of our own. (NYT)
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