Jax Steager Joins the JimOnLight.com Team – Welcome Jax!


JimOnLight.com is growing so fast.  SO fast.  I have my irons in so many fires right now that most days I think the world is exploding!  We still have two more monster projects to roll out before the Fall, so life will get even more interesting here very, very soon.

People at conferences are talking – and they’re saying incredible things about the website.  At NAB, I overheard someone say that JimOnLight.com is “the number one lighting industry go-to resource,” and at LightFair this year, in addition to being warmly welcomed by everyone I talked to, I was told that the JimOnLight.com Community is one to be respected and trusted.  You folks are the best thing about this website – your desire to learn and to read about things that are going on is amazing, incredible, and outstanding!  Thanks for making this place the most awesome place!

To make sure that my head doesn’t asplode anymore, I have asked Jax Steager (@batfishlighting on Twitter) to come on board and act as my Executive Assistant.  Jax will be appearing on the website from time to time, she’ll be commanding some other stuff, and she’ll become a welcome face on the site.  Make sure that everyone welcomes Jax with open arms to our awesome community!

Everyone, on 3:


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